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20 Jan 2018
Happy Birthday!
2018 has been off to a fabulous start with the premiere of Abby's show Child Support and now another exciting day has arrived....her birthday! Happy Birthday Abby! May you have a fun filled time with your family and friends as you celebrate your special day. It's not every day you turn eight years old, and make sure to enjoy all of the cake, presents and traditions the day brings. Hopefully this is one of the best birthdays yet! Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Lisa

19 Jan 2018
Child Support
Abigail's second episode of Child Support aired last week and the humor kept on coming as she and her friends answered questions with Ricky Gervais! He tried to trick her about a wig, and she was quick with her knowledge of Dr. Seuss books and tongue twisters. Those are tough to say when you're missing your two front teeth! Make sure to tune in to an all new episode tonight on ABC and see all of the fun answers Abby and the kids have for the new contestants.

Posted by: Lisa

09 Jan 2018
Child Support
Hopefully many of you had a chance to check out the series premiere of the game show Child Support which Abby is a part of! It was a fun hour as the kids were asked the same questions as the contestant to see if they got it right and could save the adult when necessary. Abby was featured for multiple questions and has some hilarious remarks for Ricky Gervais. We definitely think Pokemon should become the national animal of Scotland.

ABC has released not only an episode still of Abby and her friends for the episode, but they also put out a promotional image! Abby looks so happy on set for the show and it's hard to believe this was filmed a year ago. Make sure to tune in this Friday for an all new episode at 8/7c on ABC.

Posted by: Lisa

05 Jan 2018
Child Support/Reading Eagle
Abigail's show Child Support premieres tonight at 8/7c on ABC and she spoke with Tracy Rasmussen of Reading Eagle about being on the game show, being in the biz and more! Make sure to click here for the full article and don't forget to tune in!

The math is so simple that 7-year-old Abigail Eckstein can do it with ease.

A group of grade-school kids plus comedian Ricky Gervais equals a game show that is part "Kids Say the Darndest Things," part "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and all kinds of fun, according to Douglassville's Eckstein, who is featured on the new game show, "Child Support."

"I'm so excited," said Abigail, who is a second-grader at the Amity Elementary Center. "It was so much fun."

That's about all she can say about the show, though, because producers swore her and all the other pint-size lifelines to secrecy. Even her parents, Bonnie and Michael Eckstein, have to wait for tonight's premiere to find out what went on.

Posted by: Lisa

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